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Mary Kathleenn Burke |
Hi Eva , I was so touched by your story and your little boy has got the best philosophy one could have in this life . Your songs are beautiful as is your voice .I found you on Reverbnation when you became my fan and I very rarely go check out a website seperatly but was so intrigued to hear more. Please send me a copy for my show on Celtic Music Radio www.celticmusicradio.net and I will give it some airplay .
5 August 2010 - Glasgow Scotland

Apart from being one of the hottest looking Mom's around, your voice is angelic and soothing. The lyrics are really strong for someone so young. You should be so proud of your achievements. You truly are an exceptional talent.
24 July 2010 - Cork

Dave Browne |
Eva, I really loved the launch of your album in the Boardwalk last month. I play it ALL the TIME in the car and have played it for friends who love it too... Keep up the good work and be sure to let me know when Album 2 is out. Best of luck xx
20 July 2010 - Galway

Marie and John
Always knew you could do it! Very proud of you looking forward to hearing more.
16 July 2010 - Blarney

denise nagle |
Eva, you have a fantastic voice, good luck in your career, and YES we can hear you all the way down here in Goleen!!!
14 July 2010 - Goleen West Cork

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